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Rosacea Cooling — New in Rosacea Therapy for 2008

Rosacea Cooling — New in Rosacea Therapy for 2008

For more then a decade, Rosacea Treatment Fluid and Rosacea Treament Cream have been the mainstay of safe, sustainable and reliable moisturisation of rosacea patients' skins.

Patients typically come to use both over time, applying Rosacea Treatment Fluid in warmer weather, or as a daytime protective barrier moisturizer underneath the Rosacea Hypoallergenic Daily Wear Sunscreen, and Rosacea Treatment Cream in the evenings, or in colder weather during the day.

Meanwhile Rosacea Hydrating Serum has served as a means to customize the aqueous aspect of either moisturizer according to individual needs, either by application immediately underneath any of the Rosacea Moisturizers, or by combining 1-5 drops of the Hydrating Serum directly with the moisturizers.

Although many elegant, therapeutic advances in treatment have come to pass in recent times, there still remains individual instances where rosacea symptoms of flushing, blushing and sensations of heat and prickling cause considerable physical (skin) and emotional disruption.

Unfortunately, no topical medication currently exists, or is likely to exist in the near future, to address isolated instances of flushing, blushing, heat, prickling and the pimples, papules, pustules and broken capillaries these symptoms foster.

Systemic antibiotic medications offer effective treatment of many rosacea symptoms, but their anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant effects do not come online quickly enough to target "symptoms of the moment."

Permanent oral intake of antibiotics can prevent many rosacea symptoms from arising in the first place, but are associated with considerable side effects: future antibiotic resistance, stomach disturbances, slight skin yellowing and highly treatment-resistant yeast infections.

Many rosacea patients are also considerably uncomfortable about affecting their entire body for symptoms localized to the face.

Rosacea Cooling Lotion is a new addition to the dermatological rosacea armamentarium, intended as substantial ameliorative therapy for rosacea flare ups, available from January 2008:

  • Intended for occasional use during periods where flushing and blushing increase skin temperature and oxidative, inflammatory processes — the processes which result in chronic redness and which encourage capillary breakage, papule, pustule and pimple formation;

  • Suitable for use in alternation with Rosacea Treatment Fluid and Rosacea Treatment Cream. The Rosacea Cooling Lotion's texture is midway between the two pre-existing rosacea moisturizers — more moisturizing than the fluid, but also more dense and less emollient than the cream.

  • Rosacea Cooling Lotion is suitable for all rosacea skin types and characteristics, whether it be used morning or evening.

  • Suitable for use after any Rosacea Cleanser and Rosacea De-Sensitizing Mist, but also formulated so as to be appropriate for use at any time of the day, including over the top of Rosacea Sunscreen or makeup — Rosacea Cooling Lotion absorbs completely, trapping moisture without clogging pores and forming a matte, even barrier against environmental irritants and moisture loss.

  • Especially recommended where environmental humidity is very low (during air travel, or in the presence of non-evaporative air conditioning) or naturally very high outdoors.

  • Innovative naturally bacteriostatic formula in combination with glass packaging has rendered the presence of chemical preservatives entirely unnecessary — it has no overt artificial chemical content.

  • One of the few therapeutic skincare products in the world (for rosacea, or otherwise) to contain no preservatives, colourants, emulsifiers or fragrance and to lack alkalinity.

As per all the Clinic's treatments, Rosacea Cooling Lotion is an unadulterated product (containing only ingredients useful to skin and no therapeutically redundant fillers).

Small batches and limited, selective distribution allow the Clinic to produce treatments not subject to comprise by concerns associated with mass production and widespread marketability.

Rosacea Cooling Lotion is stored at 20 degrees centigrade / 68 degrees fahrenheit for no longer than 2 weeks post-formulation prior to delivery.

Store at similar temperatures away from direct light and use within four months of opening.

For further information or to order, see the main treatment page for Rosacea Cooling Lotion.

Author: Peter Wilson.

Reviewed: Sunday, May 16, 2010.

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