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Although the cause of rosacea is unclear, rosacea symptoms including flushing, papules, pustules, telangiectasias, sebaceous hyperplasia and ophthalmologic abnormalities (ocular rosacea) can be lessened and their destructive momentum halted or slowed by realizing a more perfect integration between dietary, lifestyle and skincare factors.

Improvements to intestinal health through diet appropriate to rosacea appear to lessen inflammation in the body in general, bringing about a reduction in facial redness and skin-damaging rosacea symptoms.

As facial capillaries in rosacea are excessively permeable, lessening blood-borne inflammation reduces the release of damaging and inflammatory chemicals into skin.

In turn, the reduction in stress to the skin provides it with greater opportunities with which to repair itself naturally.

Comprehensive improvement to intestinal health can also reduce heliobacter pylori, a gastrointestinal infection which may worsen rosacea symptoms and give rise to stomach ulcers.

As time goes on, we expect more research to be published regarding the limiting of oxidative stress and inflammation in rosacea as a means by which to protect functional facial tissue and capillaries, and help reverse pre-existing damage.

Whatever the future of research may hold, it is important to remember that as a multifactorial disease, no dietary cure for rosacea exists.

Certainly, correct use of rosacea sunscreens remains critical and non-negotiable.

Appropriate cleanser and moisturizer use are also highly important.

Rosacea patients should review the success/avoidance list when considering how they approach and take responsibility for their own treatment as the list pertains to dietary as well as topical considerations.

For other rosacea dietary information, see the section rosacea diet.

For general information on inflammation and the free radical theory of aging, see Melbourne Dermatology's sections "Oxidative Stress and Free Radical Damage," "The Cause of Disease," "Inflammation" and "The Skin and Free Radical Damage."

The video features Annie Jubb — author of Lifefood Nutrition, Whole Brain Functioning Technology, Lifefood Recipe Book: Living on Life Force and Secrets of an Alkaline Body: The New Science of Colloidal Biology — whom mentions Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (available in Jan Marini Age Intervention — not generally recommended for rosacea, however) and Magnesium and claims that we are all deficient in these.

Annie mentions that there is an abundance of poor quality of foods available.

Regrettably, skin care in general (let alone rosacea skin care) are at least as generally deficient in actual benefit as mainstream foods.

Unfortunately, most skin care is of markedly lower quality and potential benefit than the hollowest of foods.

Review an example Nutritional Program for Fasting by Elson M. Haas MD at Health World Online.

About.Com Alternative Medicine features Detox and Cleansing Information.

Ethnomed features an article concerning Nutrition and Fasting in Cambodian Culture by Paysha Stockton and Jeniffer Huong.

Please note that the clinic does not endorse all views discussed and does not encourage dieting or fasting of rosacea patients outside of strict professional attention.

Use of an infrared sauna, like using a cleanser with hot water, is definitely contraindicated.

This information submitted via Dr. Xavier Hawkings.

Author: Gina Verginis.

Reviewed: Monday, May 10, 2010.

Further Information: Severe Exacerbation of Rosacea Induced by Cinnamon Supplements : Caloric Restriction and Resveratrol : 3 Day Potent Anti-Inflammatory Rosacea Diet : Rosacea/Diet: Intestinal Health : Rosacea and Intestinal Inflammation : Excess Iron Exacerbates Rosacea :


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