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Minimising Pore Size with Hydrating Serum

Patients are frequently bothered by pore size, particularly where the skin has thickened due to poorly controlled disease (hyperplasia) and of course in rhinophyma.

Conventional "medical aesthetic" and what has been marketed as "cosmeceutical" skin care aimed at refining skin texture is inappropriate due to its reliance on acids and enzymes which provoke irritation and flushing, and conventional skin care offers no marked and reliable solutions, other than face masks (useful in temporarily extracting debris from pores, but with reduced efficacy in frequent use) and foundation or silicone-mica combinations to physically or optically mask the appearance of pores.

In rhinophyma only laser surgery is markedly effective, however in rosacea where the skin has a shiny, slightly oily appearance, the Rosacea Hydrating Serum provides an ideal solution to help manage visible pores and skin which has developed the rippled texture which has commonly been referred to as "orange peel."

The most pertinent benefits of the serum in this regard are its ability to deliver and encourage the skin to retain large amounts of water and other lightweight water-soluble ingredients for an extended period of time.

A variety of differing molecular weights of sodium hyaluronate anchor moisture (from the skin itself, the environment and from the product) throughout the skin's layers for between 4-16 hours, depending on ambient conditions.

Sodium hyaluronate retains approximately 1000 times its weight in water, which is made more effective here by the innovation of using a range of molecular weights for varying levels of penetration, and deuterium oxide ("heavy water") which is slightly more resistant to evaporation than "aqua" (H2O).

This moisturising effect helps expand epidermal cells to reduce their tendency to contract (producing an appearance of plumpness or fullness) that mimics the appearance of contracted pores with normal elasticity.

Additionally, the formula allows for moisturisation without oil, helping reduce shine, and is compatible for use underneath gel-textured medications such as metronidazole gel (Metrogel).

Where barrier repair products such as Intensive Night Nurturing Complex are used the Hydrating Serum increases their penetration to improve their results, especially in hot and very humid environments.

Where sunscreens are used during the day, Hydrating Serum improves their day-long hold and the elegance of their wear (to minimise pore appearance, Attend SPF 50+ is suggested as a part-cosmetic, part-therapeutic treatment, absorbing excess oil without drying and reducing sun damage which over the long term degrades normal pore elasticity).

The Hydrating Serum may be used AM and PM, after cleansing with Anti-Inflammatory Foaming Cleanser or Oil-Free Purifying Gel Cleanser, alone, or followed by a rosacea sunscreen such as Attend SPF 50+ or barrier-repair/protective treatment such as Treatment Fluid, Cream or Intensive Night Nurturing Complex.

Moderately irregular surface skin texture can also be refined to reduce pore appearance with the use of Protective Micro-Exfoliating Cream, which contains the same alumina particles used in microdermabrasion treatments, and is safe for use in rosacea.

If using Anti-Inflammatory Clearing Serum in the evening to help refine skin texture, apply Rosacea Hydrating Serum before this product to ensure the intended absorption.

In summary, the Rosacea Hydrating Serum, across its revisions over the last decade, based on clinical experience, technological and commercial advancements, particularly with regard to sodium hyaluronate, has become a valuable cosmetic treatment in the appearance of open pores, with long-lasting effects and which does not cause the irritation of the acid and enzyme mainstays.

Usage Tip: apply 2 pipettes to the palm of the hands and gently sweep across the entire face, neck and eye area. Alternatively, hold the dropper above the skin and apply drops directly before smoothing in.

Author: Peter Wilson.

Reviewed: Saturday, October 21, 2017.

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