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Information About Rosacea Is Not Rosacea Treatment Knowledge

Information about rosacea and knowledge about how to prevent, manage and treat rosacea are frequently confounded to the detriment of those with the condition.

The situation is especially worrying online, where there is inevitably an abundance of information misconstrued (sometimes deliberately, sometimes inadvertently) as knowledge of what works.

Individuals seeking information about the treatment of rosacea frequently gain the false impression that all manner of skin care options are effective.

All avenues of care are not more-or-less optimal.

In reality, very little is optimal and much is considerably deleterious over time.

What is "Information" About Rosacea?

Various media and retail outlets are replete with information about rosacea.

Information about rosacea may be no more than a collection of data or facts.

The information may be gathered through:

  • observation;
  • reading or
  • hearsay

with no guarantee of its validity.

Individuals basing their treatment on information alone frequently enter into erroneous, deleterious treatment.

Because rosacea is often progressive, it is critical that you not travel down a garden path of information alone.

What is "Knowledge" About Rosacea?

Knowledge about rosacea applies to facts gathered by study, observation and experience, and to the ideas inferred from these facts.

Optimal rosacea treatment in the present-day arises from advancing knowledge and represents the difference between what is known to be extensively reproducible, and what is presumed.

Author: Peter Wilson.

Reviewed: Sunday, December 2, 2012.

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