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Patients with rosacea, and individuals who suspect they have rosacea but have not been diagnosed, frequently resort to hydrocortisone and other steroidal "anti-redness" creams to quickly reduce redness.

Some of these are available at the chemist/drug store where some consultation is provided by a pharmacist or sales assistant prior to sale.

Others are available online, particularly from Canada, and are of a potency inappropriate for use without medical attention.

Some formulations manufactured in South America and Asia contain strong steroids which are not disclosed on product packaging.

Some individuals even use these products for skin bleaching, a dangerous practice with systemic effects if the products are applied to large areas.

If you have rosacea, you should not use steroidal creams of any description except where individually prescribed by a specialist.

Prescription of steroidal creams to those with rosacea is extremely rare and some would argue entirely inappropriate.

Steroidal and "anti-redness" products temporarily constrict enlarged blood vessels to reduce redness and discomfort, however once the product use ceases the vessels will again relax and become incrementally larger, creating a cycle of increasing inflammation and associated permanent overall skin damage.

Individuals with more or less healthy skin can often develop permanent rosacea after having used a steroidal or anti-redness creams for temporary skin irritation.

These creams also accelerate skin aging by heightening the skin's response to sun and reducing its thickness.

There are almost always preferable alternatives to topical steroids, so please think twice before using them.

Author: Peter Wilson.

Reviewed: Tuesday, March 3, 2009.

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